Rainbow Youth Coalition - What We Do

Rainbow Youth Coalition
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The RYC - What We Do


Coalition meetings are held on a regular basis and committees are struck and meet as needed. For example, some committees are for workshop planning, event planning and community education and promotion of the coalition.


We design workshops for classrooms, workplaces and youth on topics such as homophobia/homonegativity, sexual orientation/gender identity, safer sex, safer schools and the needs of LGBTQ youth. We also provide training for peer educators.

Shifting OUTlook

This half or full day training is for people who work with youth and focuses on gender and sexual orientation.

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

We provide support and resources to form and maintain high school GSA groups.

Other Activities

The Rainbow Youth Coalition offers to provide other ways for LGBTS youth to get together such as dances, open mic sessions, drop-in sessions, social events and volunteer activities. A travel/program subsidy may be provided to youth through member agencies.